A Fresh Approach to Posting on Togetherall

Priyanka Goyal
4 min readApr 25, 2023

This case study delves into a strategic revamp undertaken for Togetherall, resulted in increased user engagement and content creation by 40%.


This in-depth case study explores the transformative overhaul initiated by Togetherall, leading to a remarkable 40% surge in both user engagement and content creation. The strategic revamp not only revitalized the platform but also significantly enhanced its user experience and interaction dynamics.


Togetherall, a leading online mental health community, recognized the need for a substantial upgrade to invigorate its user base and encourage more active participation. In response to this challenge, a strategic revamp was undertaken to breathe new life into the platform.


  1. Revitalize User Experience: Enhance the platform’s interface for seamless navigation and a visually appealing experience.
  2. Optimize Content Creation Tools: Revamp tools to facilitate easier content creation, fostering creativity and diversity.
  3. Foster Community Engagement: Implement strategies to encourage active participation, discussions, and mutual support among users.

The Process

I have worked in a cross-functional team of a product manager, engineers, UX writer, data analyst, and quality analyst. The feature we developed was launched in 2022 and made accessible to millions of Togetherall users.

1. Understand

Why I want understand the problem?

To make accurate assumptions and identify pain points and frustrations of Togetherall members trying to create a post.

How I understood the problem better?

  • Utilized Hotjar analytical tool for insights.
  • Conducted user testing on previous Togetherall version.
  • Evaluated user ease in discovering post creation steps.
  • Identified frustration points in post creation process.

What I have learned?

  1. Users faced difficulty finding the “create a post” option on the homepage, indicating poor visibility and navigation.
  2. The copy, “Create talkabout or brick,” on the community page confused new users, causing hesitation and inhibiting action.

3. Despite being the primary action for adding titles and tags, users overlooked them, pointing to a significant usability issue in the design.

4. The description of the type of post is not clear and the users were not sure about the next steps after choosing a post type.

2. Ideation & Test

The strategies implemented to revamp the create post flow included:

  1. Implemented multiple touchpoints: Provided users with the ability to create a post directly from the homepage, enhancing accessibility and user experience.

2. Call-to-Action: Implemented clear and concise language for action buttons, guiding users precisely on what steps to take.

3. Enhanced Visibility: Improved the visibility of the “Add Title” and “Add Tags” options, ensuring they were prominently displayed and easily noticeable.

4. Simplified Interface: Streamlined the user interface to eliminate unnecessary elements and reduce clutter, focusing on the essential components of post creation.

5. Error Handling Improvement: Enhanced error messages and feedback to guide users when mistakes occurred during the post submission process, reducing frustration.

8. Mobile Optimization: Ensured that the create post flow was optimized for mobile devices, considering the growing number of users accessing the platform via smartphones and tablets.

7. User Feedback Integration: Actively gathered feedback from users, both during and after the revamp, incorporating their suggestions to continuously improve the post creation process.

8. Accessibility Considerations: Made the create post flow accessible to users with disabilities, adhering to accessibility standards and ensuring an inclusive user experience for all.

3. Implement

The revamp was meticulously executed in phases to minimize disruptions. Clear communication channels were established with enginners, buisness and users, ensuring they were informed about the changes and improvements throughout the process.

4. Learn and Improve

  1. Clear Call to action: The introduction of the new “create post” call-to-action button on the homepage resulted in a remarkable 70% increase in the number of clicks, significantly improving user engagement.
  2. 40% Increase in Talkabout Creation: The number talkabout saw remarkable 40% rise.
  3. 5% drop in Brick Creation: While the number of Bricks created via the homepage saw a slight decrease of approximately 5%, this change may reflect a shift in user preferences or content types.
  4. Improved usability: the implementation of the revamped post creation process led to a notable decrease in the number of errors, showcasing an improvement in the user experience and the platform’s overall usability.
  5. Positive User Feedback: Users praised the revamped interface, citing improved usability and a stronger sense of community.