Helping customers to paint their future home in the mind for Oyolife

Priyanka Goyal
5 min readMay 7, 2020


The product detail page has served as the point of purchase from the earliest days of e-commerce. The page helps the user to make a buying decision by providing information about the product.

While designing the product detail page for Oyolife. I have realized It is necessary to customize Oyolife’s product page based on customers' journey and their feedback. Also, keep in mind that 80% of the traffic on the site is driven by SEO.

First step was User Research

Understanding the user’s pain points during the journey to find a co-living space or a rented house has helped me to gain the context of how they finalise a property online.

After talking to 5 users, I figured all of them had failed to make a picture of the Oyolife property as a lack of information on the website can affect their decision to show interest to view or book that property online.

I was looking answers for to these questions from user research

  • Why & when do they look for co-living space online?
  • How do they find out about various co-living spaces?
  • What kind of things are they looking for in a co-living space?

Our goals from re-design were:

  • Increase in the number of scheduled a visit to view a property
  • Increase in the number of paid bookings
  • Reduce the bounce rate on the product detail page

Understanding Oyolife’s user behaviour

User groups who look for co-living spaces online are

  • People who are moving to a new city
  • People who are moving for a short stay
  • People who are looking for a short stay to find another rented property
  • People who are looking to stay with a friend in the same co-living space

The common behaviour of these users is they generally look for a property,

  • Near their workspace or college
  • Easy access to the bus stop or train station
  • Have local markets or shops
  • Popular and convenient locality

User tested the live site

80% of the users come to Oyolife’s site through SEO. Therefore, it is important to design the experience to improve the acquisition of new users which can lead to an increase in leads.

During the user testing of the live site with 5 users. These are the challenges that users have faced on Oyolife’s mobile site.

“I wanted to know the details of my room”

“I wanted to know things around that property like shops, chemist or park”

“I wanted to know the layout of the room to visualize it”

“I wanted to know about the best localities for the stay near my office or college”

“I wanted to know more about the locality”

“I wanted to buy my own bike, I want to know about the parking facility”

Empathise with user

To feel like a customer, I scheduled visits using the Oyolife app and went to see the property as a customer. I have also tried visiting other properties to compare the difference between Oyolife and other co-living spaces.

This has helped me to gain a good experience of their journey and struggles.

The next step was to Ideate

With the user’s feedback and analytical data. I have created a wireframe showing the information and its hierarchy on the product detail page.

The last step was to implement

Though the engineers were kept in the loop from the initial stages of iterations, there were certain requirements in design which requires extra time to develop. Therefore, we decide to divide the launch into stages keeping in mind the time taking to build, quick and impactful changes and the most important changes.

A few things we left for later phases are

  1. Showing a comparison between the prices of shared rooms and private rooms as it requires database changes and will take additional time for multiple teams.
  2. Amenity information in each room was not available.

Final Visual

The concept has gone through a few more iterations before the final outcome.



Oyolife was facing challenges as a business model. Therefore, the business wanted the best solution with available resources. Though the research and in-depth discussion and iteration could improve the numbers much better sometimes we have to work under constraints and come up with the best solution.

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